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news: US Odyssey

US Odyssey Part 15: Shannon

As the US Odyssey comes to it’s conclusion, it’s fun to reflect on all the fun times that were had. Thankfully, nothing devastating happened (we were expecting at least something to go awry). After climbing canyons, crossing borders, and doing some serious touristic exploration, we made it back in one piece, and closer than when […]

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US Odyssey Part 14: Seattle

Ah Seattle, the home of the space needle. And right beside it, the biggest set of red pipes I’ve ever seen! I was at home, so we embraced. Seattle is also the home of musical legends like Nirvana, as well as lesser revered acts like the Presidents of the United States of America. Shannon and […]

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US Odyssey Part 13: Portland

Sometimes being a one-man-looper seems like a lonely gig. And it can be with no bandmates, etc. Polar Bear at the Oregon Zoo – photo by Shannon Lepere (www.shannonlepere.com) That being said, it’s nice to belong to a community of people that truly are musically open-minded. Loopers-Delight is an online community of people that use […]

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US Odyssey Part 12: Mt Shasta Revisited

Since we mostly relaxed the last time I was in Mt Shasta (literally only a few days ago!), we made sure to do some more ‘tourist-y’ things this time around. Here they are in point form: Radiostar Studios: Not only is there a town nearby called Weed, but it’s also the home of Radiostar Studios,  […]

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US Odyssey Part 11: San Francisco

Besides LA, San Francisco was the place Shannon was looking forward to the most. And, so was I, but for different reasons. She was excited to do some sight seeing, visiting places like the house from ‘Full House’ (as seen in the opening credits), and the most crooked street in the world. I just wanted […]

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US Odyssey Part 10: Mt Shasta

Where is Mt Shasta, exactly? It’s in Northern California, and while we thought the weather would be comparable to southern California, Jesus, were we in for a shock. That day, 10 ft of snow had landed upon the mountain. Yep. 10 feet. Seriously, what’s the deal with this trip and adverse weather conditions? I was […]

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US Odyssey Part 9: Los Angeles

Traveling to the US, we wanted to stop in certain major centres. LA was definitely one of those, but unfortunately, we would only have 24 hours there. That’s the tough thing about being on the road, and occasionally having to rush to a show (we had one booked in Mt Shasta the next day). We […]

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US Odyssey Part 8: Canyons

All kinds of canyons! We had seen photos of Antelope canyon through a friend, so we had to make sure that we stopped there.  After that we managed to catch the Grand Canyon just before the sun disappeared. This entry is going to be mostly photos, since they can do most of the talking. Don’t […]

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US Odyssey Part 7: Flagstaff

Waking up in Albuquerque, we knew we had to hit the road fairly quick. We left the hotel and motored on down to Flagstaff, taking a few moments here and there to take some photos and videos. Part of the appeal of this part of the trip was to explore a little bit of the […]

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US Odyssey Part 6: Roswell / Albuquerque

One of the few places I HAD to go on this odyssey was Roswell. Having seen far too many X-Files, it would’ve been a waste not to go there! Right? Right?! Not so much. First off, we hauled our asses all the way from Plano just to get there. And for what? We wanted to […]

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