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"How Come No Bones?" on Harmonium

While I was in Edmonton on the 3 month tour, my friend Andriko enlightened me on a new instrument, the harmonium! Since my theremin was removed from my possession in Winnipeg, I need a new niche instrument to entertain me, and I think I’ve found it! When I go to Toronto this March, I will find one and claim it! So drone-y, so delightful!

2 Responses to “"How Come No Bones?" on Harmonium”

  1. mel says:

    that's a shame about the theramin.
    actually i was just reading adam's blog the other day and he made one…

  2. SG says:

    I played a harmonium in the Hymers church for a funeral! The faster you pump- the louder the sound…. and there was a group in the 70’s in Quebec called Harmonium

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